A Twitter client for SailfishOS

Say hello to Piepmatz, dive into Twitter!
Piepmatz supports all the features of Twitter that you need to say up-to-date. Your personal timeline, notifications, media etc. - coming with a lot of eye-candy!

Personal Timeline
The most important feature - your personal timeline in a strictly chronological order
Notifications for new followers, retweets and mentions
Never miss interactions anymore
Search (for tweets and users)
Find what's going on on Twitter
Profile Pages
All the information about an account which you need to know at a glance
Complete display of extended tweets
Yes, Piepmatz supports the complete 280 characters
Embedded tweets
What are retweets with comments without the original tweet?
Multi-picture support, incl. pinch-to-zoom
See all the pictures of a tweet
Embedded and fullscreen video/animated GIF playback
Play attached videos in the timeline or in fullscreen - like in a normal video player.
Download media option
Want to save a picture or a video? No problem!
Link preview powered by Open Graph (e.g. for Instagram, Facebook, news sites etc.)
Know the details behind a link without opening it
Direct messages (up to 10.000 characters)
Telling a long story to your peers? Feel free to do so!
Details view for tweet
Know where a tweet was created and with which client
Limited thread support
No need to open the browser anymore to see a tweet conversation - all you need is Piepmatz!
@-mentioning support in new tweets
Search-as-you-type for @-mentions during tweet creation
Geocode your tweets
Let other people know where you wrote your tweet
Show trending topics in your area
See what's happening around you!
Twitter lists support
You like organizing stuff? Check out Twitter lists!
Multiple accounts support
Using a private and a business account? Piepmatz handles them all!
Discover Piepmatz

All the feature lists are nothing without some screenshots...

Timeline. Read the latest tweets in chronological order - including embedded tweets, images, videos and link preview!

Notifications. Never miss a mention, retweet or a new follower anymore!

Direct Messages. Stay in touch with your peers and write messages with up to 10.000 characters!

Search and Local Trends. Find what's happening on Twitter - and what people in your area are tweeting!.

Lists. Organize your friends, peers, interesting accounts etc. in Twitter lists!

Profile. Check your own profile and the one of others. All information at a glance!

Tweet Details. See where the tweet was created and with which client.

Threads. Read the most important parts of the conversation without opening your browser.

Videos. Play videos from your timeline or in fullscreen - like in a standalone player!

Availability and License

Where can I get Piepmatz? What is the License?

We try to make Piepmatz available as easy and free as possible...


Piepmatz is available on OpenRepos and in the Jolla Store. Download it from there and install it on your SailfishOS device. By using one of these options, you ensure that you will always get the latest updates.


The application is free software and licensed under the conditions of the General Public License in version 3 (GPLv3). By using this software, you accept the terms and conditions of this license.

Source Code and Bug Reports

You can find the source code on GitHub. Looking forward to your ideas and contributions! In case you found a bug in Piepmatz, please check if it has already been reported on Issues. If not, please create a new issue there. Thanks!